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Clitoral Hood Reduction

Time of procedure
30-60 min
Pain level
Pain level
in about a 6 months
from 30 000 RUB
Surgery scheme

The hood of a clitoris is formed by lateral cruris of Labia Minora, represents a dermal duplicator which is responsible for humidification, a thermoregulation and protection of a glance of a clitoris. A hood of a clitoris participate in transfers of mechanical exaltation on glance of a clitoris, thereby provides a clitoris orgasm.

Congenital or acquired (often after the child delivery) a clitoris hood hypertrophy - a frequent cause of infringement of sensitivity of a clitoris. 

This procedure should be performed for:

  • restoration of a normal anatomic structure of a hood of a clitoris
  • elimination of asymmetry, additional cords of Labia Minora
  • decreases of a hyperpigmentation and excess sagging of a hood of a clitoris
  • corrections of an anorgasmia
  • improvements of esthetic appeal

Procedure:  plasty of a hood of a clitoris with radio wave scalpel;

Purpose: to reduce the size, to eliminate asymmetry, a hyperpigmentation and an excess sagging of a hood of a clitoris;

How it works: the procedure is made in the conditions of the small operating room, on a gynecologic chair, under local anesthesia, the surgical plasty of a hood of a clitoris, with use of a radio wave scalpel;

Result: right after the procedure, the end result - in the 2nd month;

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Technique: after preliminary consultation with photo bracing and determination of necessary volume of excising of a tissue, the marking, anesthesia, excising is made and a plasty of a hood of a clitoris is carried out;

Anesthesia: local / general / spinal

Procedure time: 30-60 min.

After treatment: 2-3 weeks of sexual rest, about one month without thermal procedures

Duration: the procedure is performed once, however in connection with the subsequent child delivery changes are possible

Soreness: is absent or is poorly expressed;

Note: it is possible to execute a surgical plasty of a hood of a clitoris during a labiaplasty or together with a non-invasive plasty of a hood of a clitoris