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Time of procedure
60-90 min
Pain level
Pain level
After 6 months
from 90 000 RUB
Surgery scheme

Perineoplasty – Vagina narrowing surgery

Is the surgical procedure aimed to restore the integrity of the perineum, eliminate the gaping in vagina threshold and scar deformation after previous perineal and episiotomy.

The indications for this procedure are:

  • gaping vagina threshold
  • incomplete closure of the genital gaps
  • decreased introcoital sensitivity
  • chronic recurrent infections due to intergenic casting of microflora
  • presence of cicatricle deformation after previous perineo and episiotomy
  • improvement of aesthetic appeal

Procedure: perineoplasty

Purpose: to eliminate age or postnatal involution of perineal tissues

How it works: This procedure is performed with use of radio-wave scalpel and biodegradable suture material, which allows to restore the initial position to the muscles of the pelvic floor without a long rehabilitation period

Result: almost immediately after the procedure, the end result - after 2 months (the end of the rehabilitation period)

Technique:  after preliminary consultation, cut of the skin and mucous membrane is made, bunches of superficial and deep muscles of the pelvic floor are mobilized, fixation sutures are applied, the wound is sutured

Anesthesia: general / spinal

After treatment: 3-5 weeks of sexual rest, up to 2 months without thermal procedures and sport

Caution: the procedure should be performed by a specialist trained in intimate plastic