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Time of procedure
The whole procedure should last one to three hours, depending on its complexity.
Pain level
Pain level
After 6 months
from 80 000 RUB

Monsplasty is a procedure of restoring the normal anatomical proportion of the pubic area lost after child delivery or as a result of age-related changes.

This procedure should be performed for:

  • restoration of the normal anatomical structure of the pubic area
  • elimination of ptosis (pubescence) pubis
  • reduction of ptosis and excessive folding of large labia
  • improvement of aesthetic appeal

Procedure: liposuction and surgical lifting of the pubic area

Purpose: to eliminate the disproportion and deformation of the pubic area, to restore aesthetic appeal

How it works: removal of fat deposits with liposuction, restoration of skin elasticity and return of anatomical proportions with surgical techniques 

Result:  immediately after the procedure, final result is after 6 month 

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Technique: during a monsplasty procedure, I'm doing a horizontal incision along the upper edge of the pubic area, raise and tighten the muscles and pull the pubic skin into its new position, removing any excess before closing the incision with tiny stitches and adhesive. 

Anesthesia: local/general

After treatment: I will advise you on downtime, but you may need to lie low for up to a week while you heal. Expect some soreness for three to five days. You’ll also have bruising for two to three weeks, along with swelling for up to six weeks. Take two to three weeks off from vigorous exercise and avoid sexual intercourse for three to four weeks, to let your body recover.

Duration: it is recommended to repeat the procedure if necessary. The fat removed during a mons pubis reduction won’t come back, but you’ll still need to maintain a consistent weight to keep your results.