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Buttock augmentation

Time of procedure
180 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 400 000 RUB

A rounded shape and a high projection - this is what the “Brazilian priest” is, which today is considered the standard.

Kim Kardashian, the star of the TV show and the wife of Kayney West, made this shape of the buttocks the most coveted and popular.

Modern buttock correction techniques can recreate a beautiful shape according to the best Hollywood standards.

This operation is performed for:

  • eliminate congenital or acquired changes in the gluteal region
  • enhance aesthetic appeal

PROCEDURE:Composite buttock augmentation

PURPOSE: eliminate congenital and acquired changes in the buttocks, increase aesthetic appeal

HOW IT WORKS: the combination of silicone implants and lipofilling allows you to get the most natural look of a female butt

IMPORTANT: the result may differ from what you imagine

METHOD: installation of a silicone implant with simultaneous lipofilling

ANESTHESIA: combined (intravenous - endotracheal)

REHABILITATION:2-3 months without sports, up to a month without thermal procedures

DURATION: Silicone implants have a life of 5-7 years on average, after which they must be replaced.