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Time of procedure
60-90 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 weeks
from 60 000 RUB

Hymenorrhaphy (restoration of a hymen, restoration of virginity). This procedure doesn’t have medical indications; however, this procedure is one of the most demanded in aesthetic gynecology (first mentioned in 1860). It usually has religious indications or for the sake of sex experience ("a gift to the husband/boyfriend for anniversary”).

Indications to this procedure:

  • restoration of anatomic integrity of a hymen; 
  • religious or cultural motives

Procedure: restoration of a hymen (hymenorrhaphy)

Purpose: restoration of structure of a hymen

How it works: the surgical restoration of thr hymenal tissue, with use of a radio wave scalpel and the absorbable suture material

Result:  in 1 month

Important: the result may differ from the fact that you imagine

Technique: plasty of a hymen is carried out after preliminary consultation and definition of type of a plasty, the marking, anesthesia and excising

Anesthesia: local / general / spinal

Procedure time: 30-60 min.

After treatment: 2-3 weeks of sexual rest, about one month without thermal procedures and sport;

Duration: the procedure is performed once, however in connection with the subsequent child delivery changes are possible; 

Note: it is possible to execute hymenorrhaphy in option temporary or constant, depending on an initial condition and ultimate goal;