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Removal of papillomas and genital warts and other benign lessons in the area of the penis and scrotum

Time of procedure
depends on the case
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 5 000 RUB

Radiosurgery allows to safely and effectively eliminate various neoplasms, even in the intimate area. I have accumulated an experience of removing condylomas and papillomas of any location and size, including the giant condyloma of Buschke-Levenshtein.

The indications for this procedure are:

  • the presence of benign lessons on the head and body of the penis
  • papilloma and condyloma in the perineum and scrotum
  • violation of the aesthetic appeal of the penis and perineum

Procedure: surgical removal of benign lessons of the skin in the penis and scrotum

Purpose: to restore the aesthetic appeal of the penis and scrotum

How it works:surgical removal of benign lessons of the skin is performed

Result: almost immediately after the procedure, the final result - 2 months after the restoration of the skin and mucous membranes

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Method: after preliminary consultation and marking, surgical removal of benign lessons on the skin of the penis is performed 

Anesthesia: local / topical

After treatment: 7 days of sexual rest, up to a month without thermal procedures

Caution: the procedure should be performed by a specialist trained in intimate surgery