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Postcoital cystitis treatment

Time of procedure
30-45 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 1 month
from 20 000 RUB

Postcoital cystitis ("the first wedding night" cystitis)

The best method to prevent all types of cystitis is proper hygiene and WC visit on time. This rules are especially important in postcoital cystitis. It is recommended to follow these rules before and after sexual contact. This disease cannot be transmitted to the partner and occurs as fact of mechanical influence, or friction.

Therefore, in case of chronic post-coital cystitis, prevention includes the following:

  • control and maintain the cleanness of genitals - own and partner’s. It is also important to wash not only genitals, but also the hands - before and after intercourse;
  • regular screening for the absence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • should abandon those poses in sex that will cause friction or pressure on the urethra. Choose positions in which you can control the depth of penetration of the penis;
  • bladder should be empty before and after sex;
  • too tight clothes can also be a reason of postcoital cystitis. Such clothing causes pressure on the urethra, and then irritation of the mucosa;
  • pharmaceutical lubricant should be used to avoid possible dryness of the vagina and mucosal trauma;
  • drink about 2 liters of water per day. This volume helps to rinse bladder from the inside and won’t allow bacteria to accumulate and multiply;
  • give up drinks which contains caffeine - strong tea and coffee, as well as very salty and spicy food;
  • it is recommended to take drugs for immunity and vitamins.

In case cystitis still bothers you - the procedure of non-surgical transposition of the urethra can help you. A low-invasive method based on hyaluronic acid injection into the para-urethral space.

The indications for this procedure are:

  • the presence of a verified diagnosis - postcoital cystitis

Procedure: injection of transposition of the urethra;

Purpose: to eliminate infection in the urethra and bladder cavity;

How it works: the low position of the urethra leads to its "vaginization" during intercourse, which causes bacteria entering form the vagina into the bladder. The injection of a bulking agent in the projection of the external opening of the urethra allows to get rid of this problem

Result: 2-3 weeks after the procedure, the final result - after 1 month

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Technique: after preliminary consultation with photo bracing and determination of the level of invasion, anesthesia is performed in the area of ​​the proposed intervention. The drug is injected into the paraurethral space with transvaginal / transperineal / transurethral method;

Anesthesia: infiltration / topical

Procedure time: 30-45 min

After treatment: about 1 month without thermal procedures;

Duration: 6-12 months, depends on the initial conditions and the amount of the drug injected;

Caution: the procedure should be performed by a specialist trained in urology / gynecology / urogynecology;